A new FDA-cleared EEG / P300 technology now screens patients for concussion, anxiety, ADHD, cognitive, mental, and mood markers, with a fast, easy and affordable process.

In less than 30 minutes you can now get a full EEG brain scan and an ERP P300 pdf report that displays brain function, voltage, latency, physical reaction time, trail-making test, and flanker tests to measure brain health around concussions, anxiety, depression, anxiety, ADHD, TBI and other health concerns related to brain performance!

Comprised of a low-cost electroencephalogram (EEG) headset and simple analytical reporat-generating software, this innovative EEG technology gives doctors and patients a more accurate picture of a patient’s brain health. 

Whether totally healthy…, in a state of concussion…, or recovering from a concussion, your youth athletes NEED YOU to introduce this amazing technology to the team or club by hosting OR registering for a Concussion Screening event in the KC area.

The WAVi P300 Brain Assessment Platform provides...

FDA-cleared, HIPPA compliant screening that is fast AND affordable!


HIPPA Compliant Screening

Fast & Affordable

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