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America’s Healthcare Advocate is a syndicated, weekly hour-long radio talk show airing on more than 202 stations across the U.S. Program content focuses on helping listeners understand the complexities of America’s healthcare industry, navigate the system and make informed choices. Guests include prominent experts and industry leaders in medicine, politics, insurance, health and wellness. Host, Cary Hall, is nationally recognized as an astute healthcare policy expert and advocate for promoting dialogue and education on the universally important issue that touches every American life and business – healthcare. Cary was the former president of Benefits By Design, Inc. and was a 26-year health insurance broker, based in the Overland Park, Kansas, area.

  • America’s Healthcare Advocate radio show has been a great means for Blue KC to tell our story both locally and Nationally. Cary Hall understands all segments of the health insurance industry from large employers purchasing coverage for thousands of employees, to individuals trying to make their way through the complicated Medicare program. He understands how insurance companies, providers, and patients all must work together in a very dynamic healthcare eco-system.

    I have had the personal pleasure of appearing as a guest on Cary’s show over the past 12 years as well as listening to him interview politicians , physicians, regulators, insurance brokers, hospital executives, and other healthcare professionals. He has an amazing way for taking a very complex subject matter and simplifying things so all listeners can understand. He truly is an advocate!

    Ron Rowe

    SVP, Chief Operating Officer | Blue Cross Blue shield of KC
  • I can’t really speak on the media industry, however, I can speak on the ROI, increased awareness, exposure and creditability you will receive within the PBM market by actively participating in Cary’s broadcast / network. By the PBM market, I am speaking about decision makers that are employers, plan benefit design specialists, brokers, consultants, etc., who listen to the HIA network.

    In short, if you commit to the program I can comfortably state your prospective and future clients will acknowledge the worth of the program If I still owned a PBM, and with the experience I have with my past relationship in participating in the network, this would be a no brainer for me.

    Monty Rogers

    R.PH., President | Pharm Access, Inc.
  • I have worked with Cary Hall and HIA Radio Network for many years. The investments I made in HIA Radio Network to promote an emergency air ambulance membership program paid measurable returns that astounded me. I’m talking about 10 times revenue over cost. The program continues to promote through HIA Radio Network to this day. Cary Hall dedicates his time and attention to advertising clients with genuine interest and commitment. If you want to grow, work with Cary Hall.

    Steve Sanborn

    Principal of Strategy | Theorem
  • Cary Hall has been a valuable resource to our business and a valuable resource to me personally. He is an astute business man and a recognized expert in his field.

    We have found that we have gained exposure and have attracted new customers to our firm through our partnership with Cary and the HIA Radio Network.

    Tom Trussell, CEBS

    President | RPs Benefits by Design Inc.
  • Cary Hall’s program provides unmatched market intel and real-time feedback to support our product strategies. His genuine intent is to ensure we are well positioned in KC while also educating his listeners about the health insurance landscape. Cary is truly a leader in this industry and Blue KC is very fortunate to partner with him!

    Jenny L. Housley, CEBS

    Senior VP & Chiefs Marketing Officer| Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC



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